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Welcome to Youniz.com the centre of excellence for your complete education.

Youniz.com is a free leading educational social network and online portal which has been set up for complete education for universities and colleges around the world. These universities and colleges have been brought together to provide a clearer picture of what they have to offer. Here you can access world universities as well as global scholarships and financial aid around the world to help you fund your study both at home and abroad, we also offer insight to help you choose the right career path… and much more.

Youniz offers you an interactive social network where you can create your profile and communicate with like-minded people across the world, providing the opportunity to; discuss at length, share ideas and gain new insights into different educational fields. Easy access to the right information is vital to your choice and success of studying both at  home and abroad that is why Youniz is here to help you make the right decision.

Youniz was created by a team of individuals have experienced the problems and difficulties that are faced in finding and comparing foreign universities first hand. Understanding the need for a way to compare universities on a global scale and from one central site, we have created Youniz to help those coming through the educational system now

Youniz.com truly one community helping you to make the right decision

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Youniz.com aims to be the world biggest educational social site for current and prospective students hunting for universities/colleges and programmes across the globe.


To bring students and people of ages and from around the globe, to a one stop education site where information and ideas can be exchanged and gained for their benefit.
Facilitating and helping prospective and current students through credibility, integrity and effectiveness without compromising quality.