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[h2]INTRODUCTION[/h2] is a global educative social network – The center for your tertiary education queries. Our website is the stop  for ALL THE UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD….that is right…WORLD!  we have provided access to world scholarships and financial aid information to help you fund your programme. Also, adequate content is available here to aid your decision making process with regards to tertiary information. We aim to provide answers to those questions you need help with.  We have provided insight to higher  education all over the world. Please join groups and forums to find out more. Also, there is a chat button; this allows you to talk to other members instantly! All we ask is for you to register! Have fun and learn as much as you can while meeting other like minded people in the process! Also, feel free to contact us if you need help with anything.

Why do I register?

Youniz connects you to universities, scholarships and like minded people across the world. It is a free, quick and simple process. Also, you only get to enjoy the full experience when you do register. The Benefits of registering include but are not limited to:

* The opportunity to meet and talk to like minded individuals from around the world.

* Free access to all the content, job opportunities, offers and much more.

* Enhance your experience by creating a profile (this gives other people the chance to know you more), you can customize it anyway you want to and also can add pictures.

* The ability to create and join groups and forums.

Want to register? Click here.


What is my profile?

This is your home on the site, your personal space. On here, you could include details about yourself so that other members can have an idea of who you are, what your likes are and basically what you are about. It can be personalized to fit your taste. This can be done by adding pictures, changing your profile colours, uploading videos and much more. Make the best use of it!

Display Pictures?

Everyone registered on the site is allowed to have a display picture. Your display picture is an image that comes up at the top up of your profile. It also shows when you comment or put up posts on forums. Hence it is a representation of you. This could either be a real picture of you or an object.

Note: Indecent pictures are not allowed. If reported to or seen by the moderators, your profile will be shut down indefinitely.

How do I upload my picture?

To put up a picture, all you need to do is click on your profile settings, go to picture and click on upload picture. You can choose from your gallery and shizam! Your picture will get uploaded.

Picture view settings: can i control who sees my pictures?

Yes you can, all you need to do is go through your privacy settings. You can decide to open your pictures to everyone or limit it to only your friends.

Problems with activation email?

During the registration process, you are required to provide your correct email address, after that and all the other required fields have been answered, an automated email with an activation link will be sent to your email. If you do not receive this within five minutes after registration, kindly check your email address again. If you did put in the correct email and still have not received the automated email, do feel free to contact us here.

Forgot your password?

Quite easy! Just click on the ‘forgot my password’ button which can be located on the sign in page. This will send an automatic prompt email to your registered email address. Click on the link in that email, you will be directed to reset your password. Do make it something you will remember this time!

How do I stop receiving notifications?

We send notifications to your email address on request in order to keep you update with what is going on / trending within the site. Should you want to opt out of this, go to your profile settings and un-tick the ‘receive notifications button’. This will stop you from receiving anymore. If you do want to turn it back on, go back to your settings and tick that button.

How do I embed a Youtube video in a post?

Easy! If you find a video related to a forum or a topic of discussion and you want to share, just put the link up and click ‘embed youtube post’.

Am I allowed to post anonymously?

Sure! But only in limited forums and groups, the creator of a group can decide to allow anonymous posting or not. We do understand that there might be things you want to discuss in private and do not want people to know it is you. You can post anonymously by clicking on the ‘post anonymously’ tick box. But be aware, abuse of this privilege will not be tolerated, should any be noticed or reported, you will be exposed and ban from the site indefinitely.

[h2]GROUPS and FORUMS.[/h2]

Can I create my own group?

Sure you can, that is what the site is meant for isn’t it? The opportunity to share information amongst yourselves with regard to education and other related topics. If you want to create a group, just go to Groups on the taskbar and click on create a group.

Note: Only registered members can do this. If you are not registered, kindly do so before attempting to create a group as it will not work otherwise.

Can I delete a group?

Yes it is possible. But to do so, you need to contact us with good reason as to why you want to delete a group or thread. Why? Well we believe that although it might not be of use to you anymore, other students may need the information which has been shared in such groups/ forums. For this reason, we need a good enough reason to let such valuable information go.

Career Advice.

We know is very important for you to have a clear direction about your career after your programme. Being that the case, we have made available useful resource on the site. Please click here to access career advice


I do not understand English very well, how can I see the information in my language?

Youniz .com offers the opportunity to view the website in any language of your choice. To view in a different language, go to the home page, click on select language. This will translate the page completely into your language. Should you need more help, do contact us here.