Scholarships to study in Belgium.

Here is a list of  the scholarships to study in Belgium. To access any of these, please click on World Scholarships and Financial, select country, Belgium and hit search


2013 Kent National Scholarship Programme (NSP) for full-time students
2013 Kent Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Study Abroad Scholarships
Sports Scholarships (Kent Sports website)
Music Scholarships (Music at Kent website)
Enterprise Rent-a-Car Scholarship for Kent Business School (Medway) students
Barbara Harris Scholarship for Kent Business School students
Daily Mail Scholarship for Journalism students
Martin Cook Scholarship for Humanities students
Gurkha Scholarship
Partner Scholarship
Chancellor’s Scholarship for Trinidad and Tobago
Alumni Scholarship for students from mainland China and Hong Kong
Vivian Wong Scholarships
International scholarships for undergraduate students
International Pathways Scholarships
School of Arts International Undergraduate Scholarships
School of Engineering and Digital Arts Lanigan Scholarships
Mountbatten Memorial Grants
Daiwa Foundation Tohoku Scholarships
Medway Community Scholarships
British Council Scholarships for Excellence (for study in Hong Kong)
Institute of Engineering and Technology Diamond Jubilee Scholarships
Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust
The Anglo-Jewish Scholarship
100 50th anniversary Research Scholarships
Graduate School Scholarship
University of Kent at Paris Scholarship
Alumni Research Scholarship
Christine and Ian Bolt Scholarship
The Dora Harvey Memorial Research Scholarship
European jointly supervised PhDs (Cotutelle) Scholarship
Gurkha Scholarship
Ingenuity Fund
Santander Scholarship
Templeman Scholarship
British Federation of Women Graduates Postgraduate Awards
British Society of Aesthetics PhD Studentship
BUNAC Scholarships
Colt Foundation Fellowships in Occupational/Environmental Health
HEA Parliamentary Bursaries (opens in external website)
Institution of Engineering and Technology Awards
Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust
Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries
Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme
Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
The Wellcome Trust
International Scholarships for Taught Masters Students
Kent Law School Taught Masters Overseas Scholarships
School of Computing Scholarships
Engineering and Digital Arts PhD Scholarships
Engineering and Digital Arts Sobhy Msc Scholarships
Chancellor’s Scholarship for Trinidad and Tobago
DICE & Canon Collins Trust MSc Scholarship Award
Gurkha Scholarship for Study
Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship
Vivian Wong Scholarships
Mountbatten Memorial Grants
Santander Scholarship
University of Kent Loyalty Discount
Erasmus Mundus
Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies
InBev-Baillet Latour Fund
CARMEUSE scholarships
AGC scholarships
Louvain Incentive scholarships
Scholarships Slovak Republic
Scholarship opportunities with Brazil
ASEM–DUO scholarship
Study in Flanders
Development cooperation
European Commission
Fulbright Foreign Student Program
Belgian American Educational Foundation
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)
Ford Foundation
World Bank Institute (WBI) Scholarships and Fellowships
Central bilateral agreements – Grants for Phd students and staff
FWO Research Funding
DBOF – PhD Scholarships
F+ – Fellowships for incoming postdocs
AXA Research Fund
Travel Grants for European Students to the South
VLADOC – Doctoral scholarships for Development
ACP-EU Cooperation Programme in science and Technology
Humanitarian Aid Projects KU Leuven
Junior Mobility Programme (JuMo)
Erasmus students and staff
Roger Dillemans Fund
Coimbra group Scholarships programme for young researchers and professors from Latin America
Coimbra Group Hospitality Scheme (Ukraine and Balkans)
Coimbra Group scholarships Programme for Young Researchers from European Neighbouring Countries
Coimbra Group scholarships Programme for Young African researchers
Erasmus Mundus Partnerships
FWO Research Funding
Doctoral Scholarships in the framework of the Interfaculty Council for Development Cooperation
Travelling allowances for teaching staff and professors in the framework of the Interfaculty Council for Development Cooperation
Specialisation grants for researchers from developing countries
VLIR-UOS Scholarships for short training programme ITP (developing countries)
VLIR-UOS Scholarships for Master Programmes ICP (developing countries
VLIR-UOS Scholarships for ICP PhD students
Science without Borders Brasil (2012-2014)
Belgian bilateral cooperation grants for study and training for nationals of partner countries
DBOF – PhD Scholarships
F+ – Fellowships for incoming postdocs
Latin America Fund
EU-ALFA III (Latin-America)
EU-ACP (Africa, Carribean and Pacific)
EU-SARC (South Asia)
EU-SARC (South-East Asia)
EU – Central Asia
EU – ENPI (Neighbourhood and Russia)
Bourses de la Fondation Balis
Bourse(s) de la Fondation
Bourses de la Fondation Docquier
Fondation Duesberg – bourse(s) de post-doctorat dans le cadre d’un séjour à l’étranger
Bourse de la Fondation Duesberg-Baily Thil Lorrain
Prix Louise Gillet
Bourses de la Fondation Jean Gol
Bourse de la Fondation Halkin-Williot
Bourses de la Fondation Camille Hela
Fondation Lear
Prix Elisée Legros
Bourse de la Fondation Pro Philo D.D.
Bourse(s) de la Fondation Herman-Van Beneden
Prix du Corps Consulaire de la Province de Liège
Prix Marie-Louise Leonard
Prix Julie Dehay
University of Antwerp Travel Grants
VLIR-UOS travel grants
The Washington Center

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