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[h2]How to apply to Universities in Asia[/h2]

When it comes to applying to Asia to get into university, the standard methods/materials are more than enough. Naturally you will need to have documented your grades, your results (post-final exams), anything impressive related to your academics, extra-curricular work (sports, charity work and such like) and a personal statement. It would be best to approach individual universities directly because different universities have demands and requirements. While some may need students to have taken certain subjects, others may be more lenient in that respect. By way of example, universities that help students specialize in, say, a science may require that students should have taken biology and mathematics in high school but then, there are others that may not give preference to such students because their results aren’t too impressive or they may be more “open-minded” than other schools.

Keep in mind the fact that different universities in Asia have different deadlines. Some of them may close once the academic year ends and would probably give preference to students who send in applications prior to the end of the academic year while others would be alright with you sending your documents in once the academic year finishes. These schools usually call applicants for interviews- you must be ready to go through an interview and though these aren’t tough, they do count too.

Your current financial status also matters- like it would to any other university in any part of the world. If you want to apply for financial aid you must need it badly enough to be considered but the truth is that any university would probably give more preference to students within its regions as opposed to foreigners- this is because of the simple fact that foreigners come from countries with good and strong exchange rates and some of them are in better financial condition (in the eyes of the Asian university) as opposed to students within their own region.

The good news is that you won’t need to have taken English in high school- so many universities don’t really care about how good you are in English and would help you get up to speed so that you can do well throughout the academic year.

Where specific requirements are concerned, you need to check these out online. Different universities certainly do have different requirements- you may have to have taken certain subjects to get into medical school, for example. The colleges in the region are not as liberal as colleges in the US or Australia where this aspect is concerned. Colleges in the Asian region lay a lot of emphasis upon academic perfection.

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