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[h2]Accommodation in Asia[/h2]

When it comes to going to an international university, any student requires accommodation to be able to live there, sustain and live somewhat comfortably. The good thing about accommodation in Asia is that you can find many places to accommodate yourself. Look around online before shifting so that you can familiarize yourself with your surroundings and can educate yourself about the various places with apartment buildings, flats and hostels. Once your budget is all sorted out you can go anywhere and live there so that you can figure out where you can afford to live/stay.

Naturally the easiest place to live in would be at a relative or a family friends’ house because you wouldn’t have to pay the rent or for your food which means you get to save up and spend money on things that you may need more. For those of you who don’t have anyone living in Asia

Make a few friends on campus or if a friend of yours is going with you, the two of you can pool in to rent out your own apartment and you could live there or if you know someone on campus you could live with him/her instead and contribute towards the rent. Some homeowners are willing to give out a room in their homes on rent which would be a good option if you get to know the homeowner.

Another option for you is to live with an old person with his/her own house while taking care of them. This way you may even receive a discount and you and the homeowner, both, would benefit and in any case, a homeowner would rather pay you more than pay a nurse an amount that is double your fee. That works out well for the both of you too!

A number of colleges do have dormitories where you could stay though you’d have to pay up for these and, again, you’d have to pay for your own food too. There are many hostels in Asia and the prices of the rooms here are quite reasonable. There are numerous hostels in various countries for international students without their own place to stay and these are far cheaper than getting an apartment on rent and you would get food here too. For those of you who do not want to eat hostel food you could always eat out instead!

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