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Chinese students at xiamen University[h2]University Systems in Asia: What you need to know before applying[/h2]

Many people, from all over the world, are interested in going to Asia for their education while others may find it would be more feasible for them to apply to colleges in the region instead. One thing that people don’t realize is that the University systems in Asia can be (and often are) different from university systems in other countries in other regions. The courses may be different or the content taught may vary from one country to another. This may be due to religious, social, economic or a number of other reasons.

By way of example, mathematics, taught in universities in America is considered to be less challenging than the mathematics courses and syllabi covered in universities in the Asian region. So, this is how the university system may affect your choice. Many universities in Asia focus more on academics, as opposed to American universities which train you and educate you in different ways so that you can deal with the real world- not just academically. This doesn’t mean that one of the two is better than the other- just that colleges in both regions have different ways of preparing you before you get yourself a job.

Another difference between university systems in Asia and other regions is that many Asian universities rely on the annual system which means that 90 percent of your result is dependent upon your final exams which the other 10 percent is dependent upon your performance throughout the year- universities in other region do not rely upon the exams solely and the weight placed on academics and overall performance is equal.

The examination system of the Asian universities is very different too- universities in America, Canada and Australia allow students to take home examinations while students in Asian universities basically have to remember whatever they studied throughout the year prior to the examination. The day of the examination they are only allowed to take stationery and any other material permitted by the examination center. Also, since universities in Asia are affiliated with colleges in UK and the USA, the exams taken here are sent abroad for checking.

You’ll also find that Asian universities tend to be more work-oriented than other universities- you get a lot of readings that must be done from specific books and most of the load is on the student. In other universities students tend to be given readings and a lot more paperwork because of the fact that the grades that they get in their work contributes towards their final grade and so, they have to do it in order to be able to get past a semester and/or year.

These are just some of the many things you should know before applying to Asia for university.

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