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MBAThere are so many universities in the Asian region that are amongst the most well-reputed and well-known institutions in the world. Apart from being home to some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate degrees degrees in the world, there are a large number of universities in the region that also offer some of the most credible MBA programs in the region.

By way of example, the National University of Singapore has its very own business school. The school is affiliated to some of the best universities in the United States and its courses are a product of academic partnerships between these universities. This way you would be exposed to an education system that is multi-faceted and you’d be able to obtain a degree that is recognized around the world.

In Pakistan you have the Lahore University of Management Sciences. The university is famous for its MBA programs and preference is given to students from this university over the others because of the simple fact that it has produced some of the brightest and most shrewd business students within the Asian region. The MBA programs offered here are amazing and there is a lot of diversity where the subject choice is concerned too.

Peking University, in China, is another university where many students go to study. In fact it is considered to be the Chinese Ivy League counterpart and it has often received the title as China’s Most Valued Business School by Fortune and Forbes as well. This university has one of the strongest business faculties in Asia and so many people have given preference to this university’s MBA programs over that of Ivy League universities. It is cheaper and the courses offered here are just as good as those offered by Ivy League institutions.

The time span within which the MBA programs are covered varies from university to university- some universities may make you finish the program in as little as 1 year while others may take as long as 2 years instead. Which MBA program you decide to go for is up to you. If you can handle the workload that you’d have to handle in universities where the course would be taught and finished within 1 year then, there’s no reason for you to avoid going to a university in Asia. Be sure to carry out your research before applying to an Asian university’s MBA program.

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