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[h2]International Students vs. Home Students: What you need to know.[/h2]

Asia is home to some of the best universities in the world but, like any other university in the world, there are certain factors that students must take into account when applying to these colleges.

If you are a home student, chances are that you are already aware of the content and the kind of information that you would need when it comes to applying to Asian universities seeing as how you’ve grown up within the region. An international student may not have taken the same courses as a home student or if he/she did/has then the courses may not have been as difficult as the courses that a home student has had to take. By way of example, it is a known fact that US schools teach mathematics at a more basic level as opposed to what is taught to students in Asian schools and universities.

This applies to any university in the world: a university would always give preference to a home student over an international student and similarly, financial aids may be “more available” to home students as compared to international students too. This may be because these universities are better acquainted with the courses and lifestyle of a home student over international students.

Besides this, the workload in Asian universities is a lot more than you would expect. While home students would be able to handle the work load, an international student may not. You would also have to sit exams annually (depending upon what university you choose to go for) and home students know how to deal with the pressure of having to give exams without being able to refer to books while sitting at exam centers because they have been taught to do so since high school. International students may find this sort of a setting more intimidating and may not be able to deal with this sort of pressure.

Generally, Asia is known for its family-oriented values. Numerous students stay with their parents till they are done with their education and can stand on their own feet. An international student would find this odd and may have to get into a hostel or buy an apartment if possible. However, finding a flat mate would be difficult because of the fact that many students happen to be staying with their families. If you get to know someone though, you could stay with them rather than living on your own.

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