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[h2]Tips on visa applications[/h2]

Nowadays terrorism is on the rise and many people in various governments usually suspect students of being involved in certain activities that may not be socially acceptable. If you are applying to Asia, the tips on visa applications are pretty much the same for any other country as well.

Go over the visa form(s) the first time to get an idea of what all must be filled out in the form and that way you could be prepared to answer questions accordingly on the visa application form. Go over the application form thoroughly. Get an idea of any taxes that you have paid or still need to pay. That way you get an idea of your current financial status while the office that looks over the visa situation can inspect your financial situation in order to ensure that you don’t stay within the region illegally.

Be truthful and honest about any information that comes up on the visa form. Quite a few countries in Asia now require you to fill the form online rather than doing everything with a pen/pencil and paper. If you have a bank account, download it and add it to the form so that the company could go over your financial statements and bank accounts. This way they would know that you actually intend upon studying and aren’t looking to fool them so that you could stay in Asia for longer.

Include your transcripts, results and letters of recommendation. Usually you’d expect a college to ask for these to assess your capabilities but people checking your visa applications need proof that your purpose of going to Asia is academic and has nothing to do with dishonest and illegal activity. Quite a few students do not get their visas because they do not provide visa officers with enough proof that shows that they intend upon going back into their hometown once they have completed their studies.

Do not try to trick the visa officers because they will know that you are trying to do so and your visa application would be rejected there and then. If you have interned somewhere or worked a job somewhere, include this information too. You need to show the visa officers that your purpose in applying for the visa is academic and your CV will show how true this is because of which you need to work on your credibility.

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