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[h2]How to choose a good university in Asia[/h2]

Once school is near its end, the question “which college should I go to?” is one that haunts all students. Some are unsure of where they should or want to go while others have planned everything out for themselves but still wonder if they should try out other universities. As a student, you would have a hundred questions to ponder over regarding university but the most daunting of all is- “How do I choose a good college in Asia/America/anywhere else in the world?”

When it comes to Asia you have to keep a few questions in mind to be able to choose, what you consider, to be a good university in Asia. First of all, when it comes to your academics, do you want to go to some place expensive or to a university that is willing to give you a scholarship and/or financial aid? Well, the good news is that all colleges in Asia are willing to give their students financial aid and scholarships and different colleges would compensate you at different rates.

Secondly, what kind of education do you want? Many students want to get an Ivy League education or something that is equivalent to this kind of education. The good news is that a large number of universities in the region are affiliated to/with Ivy League institutions and with well-known British colleges as well. You can get degrees that would be given equivalent weight age and, in addition to this, the education is much cheaper in Asian colleges.

Thirdly, what do you want to experience? Are you looking for the whole “college experience” or would you rather go to a university just to study, get your degree, and leave without socializing? Both types of universities are available in Asia. You will come across all types of people in Asia and you’d have a good time and experience with them regardless of whether or not you are looking for one. Asia is home to different kinds of races, cultures and ethnicity but the best part is that the people here are friendly and intelligent. So, if networking is your priority, you’d have plenty of good universities to choose from. If you’d rather stay in and study, there are many colleges with heavy courses and you could always take these on if you feel you could handle it. There are colleges where you can study and get your degree from in a shorter time span as opposed to others that spread out the courses over the years and complete the same courses within, say, 5 years, rather than 3.

All kinds of universities can be found in Asia. Your definition of “good” depends on you- the environment that you are looking for, the kind of people you want to study with, whether you want to go to a college which is relatively laid back or one where you could get done with courses in a shorter time span- these are some of the many things which one considers when looking for “good” colleges in Asia or elsewhere.

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