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[h2]Work Permit[/h2]

For those of you wanting to continue working in Asia even after you have graduated, you would need a work permit that would allow you to stay on for a longer time period. It may be possible to deport you back to your hometown if you have no work permit. Decide upon where it is that you want to work. Would you rather work in the same place that you are living or are you willing to relocate instead? This is just one of the many factors that need to be considered.

Apart from this you need to prove your worth in a company so that you could later get hired by them once you are done studying. Some companies would be willing to offer letters of recommendations for you though. You need to have all the documents that a company would need to be able to decide whether or not they should give you a place to stay and preference over students. You need some material to show a company that you are worth their sponsorship. The company’s CEO/boss/manager needs to be able to see that you are actually dedicated and want to work with them.

This way you could get a work permit and stay on even after you are done with your post-graduation because your chances of obtaining a work permit would be increased. Include a map in the documents to show the seniors in a company that you intend upon and are willing to work for them. A willingness to work for someone would help because this would be reflected in your actions- you’d work more willingly and the way you handle things would be better too as opposed to working somewhere that you don’t even find interesting.

Go over everything in detail. Check that you have included all the necessary details because once this is saved and sent, there is nothing you can do to add/modify or change the documents that you send your employees so ensure that everything of importance is being given to you. If you are a permanent contractor it would be easier for you to get a work permit and you can often come and go to a certain country whenever you please. If your contract ends sooner then get it renewed. Check out Talent Group Asia and these guys would guide you on how to go about getting a work permit.

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