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[h2]How to overcome stress while studying in Asia[/h2]

It is a known fact that Asian students are subjected to quite a lot of stress as opposed to other students because of the fact that the studies here are very book-oriented. Most students have to spend hours reading and going over stuff while doing their homework too. They barely get the time to do other things. The annual examination system is quite common here which means that students have to memorize and understand everything they were taught prior to the examination and have to sit in an exam center to take their exams.

The situation can be quite stressful but there are ways to deal with it. For starters you can always go for group studies. If someone is good at Chapter 1 in Biology, let him handle it while you teach the group something else. This way more is covered in less time and the amount of pressure on you would be reduced. Or, if group study isn’t your thing you could sit with a teacher for an hour or so, after office hours (or during a free period) to understand whatever it is that you do not understand instead.

Take some time off of studying and go enjoy the view and scenery outside or hang out with some of your classmates rather than studying. Sometimes overdoing the whole study thing can make matters worse. Give a certain amount of time to your studies and study regularly. When it comes to studying from books, as is the case in Asian universities, reading or concentrating for too long can be counterproductive.

Study at a time when your concentration is at its peak and you have nothing else to keep you from your studies. You’ll discover that a large number of students in Asia actually study at night because this way they don’t have any sort of obligation to take care of and they get to cover a lot more within less time. Load up on some sugary foods. Asian students usually gorge down sugary foods during their exams to keep up. Students in the US drink more coffee but eating sugary foods could help you stay up for longer. You can focus on losing the weight you gain later!

This is something you must have heard a 100 times before but study every day after your classes. Even studying or revising everything for 30 minutes would help. If you have an exam coming up, study smart, not hard or long hours. You’ll see that Asian students and teachers lay a lot of emphasis upon past papers and they then, answer these in classes, or alone. Rather than reading the book first, go through the past papers and answer questions. Get these checked by your teacher so that he can help you. Asian teachers are very good at helping students restructure their sentences or reformat their answers as per the requirement of the examiner(s). They would even provide you with useful tips in classes.

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