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[h2]How to write your personal statement/essay[/h2]

Your personal statement/essay is your key of getting into college anywhere in the world. Not many people understand the importance of an honest personal statement which emphasizes upon their personal thoughts or life. Many students tend to imitate the life story of another or students tend to write on a certain topic after they hear that another student got into the University of their Dreams for having voiced their opinion on a certain matter. This will not work unless what you are including in the personal statement is honest and something that you have actually experienced.

Think of a topic- any topic. Do you think you could write an essay on it and write your personal statement while fulfilling the word count? If yes, then go ahead with the topic but if not, you need to re-consider your choice. If you can write a certain number of words on a topic that means you’re well-versed in it and know it well enough to be able to do so and this would be obvious to the staff of the university that you’re applying to.

Your personal statements have nothing to do with justifying your life to the reader- many people tend to think that they need to impress upon the reader that they have had hard lives or have come from a difficult place when they actually haven’t and that’s not what the essay is about at all. Your personal essay speaks volumes about your attitude towards your professional life. Writing on any topic does not mean you should add in things that people already know about- “customize” your essay because your reader will want to know what makes you different from your applicants. Why should YOU be considered as opposed to a student who has better grades than you?

Your outlook on and approach towards life is what will matter. Be as individualistic in your personal essay as possible. You are explaining to your reader that you are someone who is worth considering because your work ethic, personal outlook towards life and approach towards difficult situations is professional enough and that you would be able to handle things professionally once you’re out in the real world and are working on your own.

Always be concise- if the word count is of 500 words, write down 500 words, not a word more nor a word less. The essay must be well-written- you don’t have to add in big words to seem smart because universities want to see you express yourself, not your vocabulary. Be sure to make your essay personal- add in your personal background but don’t try to justify it. What challenges have you faced in your life and how did you overcome these? This is what will tell your reader that you know how to deal with certain situations because you have experienced them.

Tell your reader why you are applying to that specific university and what you think you could gain from it.

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