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[h2]Projects and dissertations: Tips on topics, supervisors and what makes a great piece of work[/h2]

When it comes to studying in a specific field and/or university you have to look at a number of things before you decide upon a topic. Sometimes the easiest topic may not be easy to write on because of a lack of research material while in other cases the more difficult topics are easier to score in if you make these a part of your dissertation’s topics. How you go about deciding what topic you would like to choose is dependent upon what you know.

If you are an international student in Asia, chances are that you know a lot about, say, your own country. Perhaps you could fit this into the dissertation. Or if you have a good amount of general idea regarding a certain field, you may even write on this. What makes a great piece of work is dependent upon who is writing on it and the content that is included as well. If you cannot write on something, do not take it up for your dissertation. You need a topic which is well-versed and one that you can write on.

Remember, the more you know on a topic, the easier it is for you to understand it which would increase the chances of you getting good marks. You could always speak to your supervisors and professor after drawing up a rough draft. If you get the teacher’s approval you could go ahead with it and look for more material online and in books. If your teacher didn’t seem too enthusiastic about what you wrote you could either ask him how to fix it or you could reconsider your topic instead. You may be upset at having to start over but you’d rather spend more time on writing the dissertation than wasting time on a topic that isn’t very useful to you.

What makes a great piece of work may also be dependent upon your personal talents and interests. You may be interested in fitness and could write about how nutrition affects the body positively and negatively too. The more you can talk about different aspects of a topic, the easier it would be for you to score higher marks. Do your research first and if you think that you have more than enough on it, go ahead and start writing already!

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