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[h2]Social Life in Asia as an international student[/h2]

Just because you’re away from your hometown that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time especially in a place like Asia. Students in the Asian countries know how to have a good time. You will come across different types of students in Asian colleges. Most of these students know how to have a good time and you will come across a large number of hang out spots. If you want to have the real “college experience” that everyone talks about, you will get it in Asia. The students here are warm and welcome and they will help you have a good time.

There are numerous eateries here. You will come across eateries of all sorts which serve some of the best local dishes known to all in Asia. If its comfort food you are looking for, you can get these from numerous bakeries. The bakeries here produce amazingly delicious foods which are exported to countries abroad. Then, there are a number of international food chains here where all sorts of students come and have a good time. They just sit, eat, talk and unwind. Some of these chains produce the best coffee known to all in Asia.

People in Asia love to eat. You could go to Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand or anywhere else in Asia, and you would notice that these people love food. Asia is home to numerous types of dishes of different kinds. You would find deliciously spicy foods in countries like Pakistan and India or you could go to Malaysia and sit at the tables set at the sidewalks to have a good time with your friends.

Then, there are numerous cafes here where tourists, writers, friends and business partners come to interact or spend some “me time” while eating good food and drinking coffee or types of drinks. Though you won’t find pubs or bars in some Asian countries, there are others that are more liberal and are home to some of the best bars in the world. You could go to some of the best clubs here to have a good time over the weekend. Tourists love the clubs in the region because, aside from international drinks and foods, they also serve delicious local foods and drinks that are loved by all.

Many students even arrange home parties while their parents are out- most Asian families live together and it is generally know that in Asia the family unit is important. You could even have a good time with your classmates’ families since most families are very welcoming towards international students, tourists and people. They may even be willing to make food or your favorite foods for you!

Asia is well-known for its foods. The nihari (made in India and Pakistan) is a well-known dish which you could eat with naan or chapatti. This mouth-watering snack is delicious, spicy and filling. Chai is another favorite of many Asian people. Malaysian, Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi people love chai!

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