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[h2]Health care and insurance opportunities for students[/h2]

An insurance company is usually dependent upon the number of people willing to pool in and these funds are then spent on a person or the insured object depending upon the seriousness of the matter. The more serious cases would be able to obtain a greater amount of money as opposed to those that aren’t that serious. So someone with a fractured hand would be given preference over someone who’s suffered from a hairline fracture of the foot. The insurance industry is quite popular in the west.

In the Asian countries health care and insurance is not as formalized as it is in western countries though steps are being taken to take things into the mainstream India is probably the only country where the insurance industry is well established as opposed to the other countries. In Asia most students aren’t insured. If they are affected by something or are ill they go to the hospital but there is no formal method of healthcare or insurance. If they aren’t ill, they won’t receive any sort of treatment, obviously, though they can go for checkups. Either way, insurance opportunities aren’t many in Asia.

Places where health care and insurance opportunities do exist are Thailand, India, Singapore and China and if you can afford to, you can get yourself insured here but there are no special insurance opportunities for students specifically here. The concept of insurance is relatively newer in the Asia than it is in the west. Western countries are known to provide a lot to their citizens. They have different kinds of insurance policies for citizens of different age groups. That is not the case in Eastern countries and this is why you won’t find a specific insurance policy as a student in Asia.

You will be able to find insurance policies here for families and the elder though even these policies are being discussed and have to be brought into the mainstream The good thing though is that if your entire family is with you, they could invest in insurance policies here to ensure that you and your family members are safe in case of a tragic or unfortunate event. However, even these insurance policies and packages aren’t entirely reliable.

In the west you have laws and regulations to ensure that citizens abide by insurance rules and policies. In Asia, since the field is still a new one, you may not be able to fight your case too successfully in court when and if the need for this comes up. As was said above, if something happens to you, you would have to pay the hospital to operate upon you. If you cannot afford to do so, nothing can or will be done. There’s no way to ensure that you would be operated upon if you don’t pay upfront and so, the insurance system in Asia is not entirely reliable and where it does exist, it is still too new.

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