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[h2]Internships and work placements for students[/h2]

Internships are important for anyone wanting to get into a specific field. Internships groom you and give you an idea as to how a specific field works. You learn to apply what you know and learn at college and as a result you also get an idea of how things work practically. The more responsibility you undertake at your internship, the better this would be for you and for your future. A work placement, on the other hand, involves working for an employer just as any other employee of the company would. The difference lies in the status given to you and in the workload.

There are numerous places that offer internships and work placement in the Asian region. Work placements are usually voluntary and so, you would have to look for the opportunity rather than expect it to be displayed or wait for it to come to you. In Singapore there are numerous companies looking for interns. Apply for these via subsidiaries rather than going straight to the company. This way competition is decreased and if someone in the subsidiary likes your work ethic and what you have to offer, he/she would put in a good word for you and the chances of you getting hired would be high. SSA Global, in Singapore would handle your internships for you if you are an international student and the company would even help you find companies that offer paid internships.

For those of you looking for internships in China, you could check out Next Step China. This company is very well connected and could help you get an internship with some of the leading corporations in the region. Going via a company to a corporation for an internship would be better because the company would help you prepare everything you need- all the material you need would be sorted out by the company and it would help you get the kind of internship you’re looking for.

Look for internships programs. This way you could always reapply once university is over and apply again. You would build upon your CV and you are bound to get an internship somewhere or the other with the help of these companies. They usually prepare you via mock interviews to give you an idea of what things would be like when you are sitting before the CEO/owner of certain company.

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