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[h2]Student Jobs: Part time jobs while studying[/h2]

Students who study in colleges outside their city need to support themselves and the only way they can do so is by working (unless their parents are billionaires). Some students decide to work at bars, pubs and clubs while others would rather work at restaurants. Then there are those who would rather help their teachers on campus as a teacher’s assistant- they check students’ papers and help the teacher assess students. Or they may even teach a class, as substitutes, if a professor is unable to get to class in time or at all, for example.

In western countries one has to formally apply for a job anywhere they want to work but the process is not as formalized in Asia. You can work any small job in order to support yourself. However, unlike western countries since the application process is not formalized, you will not be paid by the hour nor on a daily basis. Like all other workers, you would be paid on a monthly basis. These jobs do not pay much- at least not as much as they pay in Western countries. There are no strict laws, rules and regulations because of which employees may or may not pay you in time.

You can expect meager wages and though you may be able to support yourself on a daily basis, there’s no guarantee that you wouldn’t be just fired without reason or due to “politics”. You have to understand- in Asia if you look like someone who comes from a privileged background you aren’t expected to work such jobs that pay so lowly. Usually people expect you to intern or work at some well-reputed company. People employed by employers are usually underprivileged and have no other way of supporting themselves because of which their last resort is to turn towards such jobs.

You could always work online though. Some students manage to give tutorials and earn while others might write articles for certain newspapers. Then, there are students who work for call centers though this may not be very doable because of the long hours that you’d have to work. Most call centers require their employees to work a minimum of 8 hours. You’d barely have enough time to sleep and rest!

If you do want to work you’d rather work online, as stated above or consider working giving tuitions instead!

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