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Every year, more and more students are coming to the Asian countries to complete or further their education. Many students are happy with their experiences while studying in Asia. While some like studying here due to the relatively lower costs of education, others come here to enjoy other aspects of Asia. Many students underestimate the education offered by universities in Asia. For example, an engineering student in Phuket says-”I had the idea that the academic level in Asia would be lower than in Europe. However, this assumption was proven false fast. It was a pleasant surprise that the courses were so demanding. Study materials were of high quality and lecturers interesting to listen.”

Just because the schools and colleges in the Asian region are newer than those in Europe and America that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as good. Some are said to be as good as the Ivy League universities academically. Asian universities could open a lot of doors for you. Jenna Hytti, from Finland, says about her experience in Guangzhou: “I never could have imagined what kind benefit this experience is in working life. I started to look for summer jobs and internships when I knew that I am coming to study here. I sent three applications to different places and I got all the jobs. Can you believe it, all three!”

Of course there are those students who want an additional degree or more experience where academics are concerned and so, they major in one subject but continue with their education elsewhere. A student, from Spain, with a major in economics talks about his time in Bali: “My aim was to gain more knowledge on business in Asia and get to know this exciting part of the world personally. Courses gave a deeper understanding on language and culture which made it easier to live in Bali. Business courses will help in working life. All the studies will definitely be beneficial in the future when I at some point will hopefully work with Asians.”

Then, there are those students who want to enjoy their time in college too. A literature major from Norway says about her college experience in Bali that-Studying abroad made me dive deeper into the local culture and customs, learn such an exotic language as Bahasa Indonesia and build up a contact network. Thanks for everything – this was the best time of my life!”

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