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[h2]Undergraduate Degree programs in Asia[/h2]

Asia is home to some of the best universities in the world and a large number of these offer graduate and undergraduate degree programs for students- both, national and international ones. You will find that in some countries emphasis is laid upon undergraduate programs while others are focus more open postgraduate degrees. For example, in Pakistan many schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs but students would rather go abroad to complete their postgraduate degrees.

One undergraduate degree program is the LLB offered by some of the best universities in Asia. You will find that a number of universities offer LLB courses in Asia and most of these are similar to the courses offered in the United Kingdom. In fact some of the most well-known universities in the region offer LLB programs for law students.

Another undergraduate degree program is the BSC in finance degree which is also offered by a number of universities in the region. Check out a number of universities prior to making a decision. You could go to a well-reputed university with its own degree program (such as the degree offered by the Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan) or you may apply to a college that is affiliated to the Ivy League universities instead.

The MBBS is another degree which many undergraduate students go for, and Asia is home to some of the best universities that offer this degree. The Aga Khan University in Pakistan and the University of Tokyo are examples of such colleges. There are so many other universities in Asia that offer these undergraduate degrees but you need to do your research. Different places have different requirements even if they offer the same undergraduate degrees. Universities in Singapore, for example, tend to be more lenient than universities in India and Pakistan which means that you may have to have taken certain subjects to gain admission into a university in Asia universities. If you have not taken up a course, you may not be allowed into the university at all.

Then, there are universities that have newly offered certain subjects or courses but because of their reputation students are willing to apply to such universities and don’t mind going to these universities either. The fact that they are going to one of the most well-known universities in Asia is more than good for them at the end of the day.

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