Why study in Asia?

Chinese students at xiamen UniversityWhen it comes to education, everyone would like to get quality education at a good price while having a good time too and if you are someone who would like this for himself or herself, you should definitely check out universities here.

For starters, there’s no language requirement or proficiency. Compare this to the universities in other countries- in most first-world universities you need to know the language to study there. Since a large number of colleges in Asia, already teach in English, you’d be better off applying to universities there.

Secondly, the culture there is so diverse. You get to enjoy talking to different people and learn from them. Asians are amongst the smartest people you’ll ever know. Many Asians are employed by R&D companies in a number of companies in the US and UK. Asians have also topped a number of CIE and IB exams in the world and have managed to get into some of the best universities in the world. Interacting with them would give you a glimpse into what their culture is about and it would widen your options.

So many companies would be willing to hire you within Asia once you’ve got your degree. Recently the Asians have been doing very well, economically. Many economic giants in the region have been doing so well that they have attracted investments from Western countries. This would be beneficial for you because you could be hired by these companies too.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know English too well, you needn’t worry because Asian universities would help you familiarize yourself with the language and quickly too. The teachers teaching English in the region are very well-versed in the language and know the language verbally and academically, well, too.

The price exchange rates are good and so, if you go to a university in the region you’ll be able to study the same material that one could in American and UK colleges. Not only are the colleges affiliated with these colleges but they offer the same education, material, books, online portals and courses at lower prices too. So education is just as good but cheaper!

It is a known fact that the recent economic setback has affected most western countries in the worst possible way and due to this they have reduced the number of students they give financial aids and scholarships to. You’d end up having to take large debts and with the interests you’d be paying debts off for the rest of your life. Numerous colleges in the Asian countries offer scholarships, on the other hand, and even if you do need a debt, the consequences won’t be nearly as bad as those that you’d face in the west.

Hence, you’d have a great time studying because you get to explore the variety of cultures here, interact with intelligent and intellectual students in a friendly environment and the education you’d get would be of high (Ivy League) quality. You need to ask yourself “Why not Asia?”

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