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[h2]Tips on Visa Applications for Australian Universities[/h2]

Applying for a visa is a step that you should take once you are sure of your admission to the university of your choice. The process doesn’t usually take long like it does in countries like UK and USA. The visa is important as it allows you to enter and to also move around Australia. In order for the visa to be successful it must meet the requirements of the Australian Migration System. If the profile is satisfactory being age, English language ability and other factors, one can then receive their visa.

It is common that together with the application form, the Visa Application Charge (VAC) and supporting documents are attached. There are certain points that need to be noted which will help in this process:

• It is important to know that it is must for all non citizens of Australia except New Zealanders to have a visa or else they will be detained or removed as ‘unlawful non citizens’.

• Every year Australia’s intake is balanced in three ways being by skills, family and refugee. Family intake is reduced because the target is mostly intakes that will enhance business skills.

• The legislative amendments and Federal and High Court Precedents always change the rules, and so not everyone qualifies for the visa.

• There are different subclasses of visas, and each has its own conditions and requirements, and if you apply for the wrong class you do not get any refund. Even if your application does not satisfy or meet the conditions, you are not refunded.

• Discrimination against race, religion or gender is not allowed but the Immigration system is allowed to discriminate against age, medical factors, criminal record, behavior and the applicant’s visa history.

• If there is a sponsorship interest from Australia and it happens that the application is rejected, it is possible to make an appeal. The review application is separate from the visa application and it has its own deadline and fee.

• It is possible to also make appeals in high courts which will under normal circumstances require you to be represented legally.

• Giving advice to the Australian migration can get you into serious problems like jail and heavy fines, if you are not registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

• In order to be registered as a Migration Agent you have to show your good knowledge on the practice and law of migration, and update the knowledge time and again.

• It is important to find a good adviser, who will help you by choosing the best visa avenue, and prepare your application, with satisfactory evidence then represent it your case during processing.

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