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[h2]Australian university system – what you need to know before applying[/h2]

The university level is the highest level of education. The universities are a pathway for people to get highly skilled jobs that will help develop the societies. There was a project that was done for a year to rank university systems by Lisbon Council, in which they found Australia to have the best university system. This is because Australia can meet the problems that come with this new era, because it has the best research options.

Australia offers different qualifications for certain years:


•The general Bachelor Degree takes 3 years full time.

•The professional Bachelor Degree takes 4 years full time.

•The bachelors Degree and Honors takes 3-4 years full time plus an additional year, which when completed can allow one to do masters or doctorate.


•Masters by Coursework takes 1-2 years full time.

•Masters by research takes 1-2 years full time.

•Doctoral degree takes 3-5 years full time.

There are also certain requirements that should be looked at for admission. Every university has its own rules on what is needed to be admitted. For undergraduate programs, usually one has to have finished 13 years of schools, there can also be interviews, portfolios and other ways depending on which school it is. To be admitted into postgraduate you have to have achieved in your previous higher studies. Doctoral programs admissions are when one has completed a Bachelor Degree or a Masters Degree.

Legislation requires the Australian universities to comply to with certain standards. There are quality assurances that should be done that assess the performance of the universities, and this is done by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency. The Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Education has the responsibility for higher education and research.

International students make 21.3 % of all the students in universities. Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act protects international students by providing tuition and financial assurance. When overseas students enroll in universities, the ESOS requires the universities to make a written agreement with the students.

The fees for:

•Undergraduate courses are AU$10 000-AU$16,500 per year.

•Graduate courses are AU$11,000-AU$18,500.

February is the usual time for the main intake, then the second one is July and the deadline for the February intake is November or December and earlier in more competitive universities.

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