Australian International Students vs. Home Students

[h2]Australian International Students vs. Home Students: What you need to know.[/h2]
If you are going to be studying in Australia you need to have information about you as an international student and also about the home students.
International students
*The thought of studying and living in another country can be very exciting, but there are many adjustments that you will have to make, and they will also need time. The study material itself may be challenging, the new culture and being away from home will be new to you. The first semester or year your marks may be less than what you expected, but it’s ok, as it is a new environment after a while you will be able to figure things out.
*It is important to learn the culture, hat is your role as a student in Australia and the role of the lecturers. An example is the way in which you write essays in your country may be very different from the way it is in Australia and your English skills can also affect your work. It is not a problem don’t worry, just ask lecturers how things are done and learn to do them in that way, and that will make things easier for you.
*It will make your life easier to make friends who can support you, like in university clubs and other activities. Joining your favorite sports will also be helpful because being away from home can be overwhelming, and making local friend is also a good idea. A network that is also for study is very helpful, like study groups, tutors which will help you if you don’t understand certain things and it will e a way of making friends.
*In Australia the responsibilities of teachers and students are different, in other countries usually the teacher is the one who gives out information and solutions but it’s different in Australia the teachers’ only advice and not give answers, so you have to be independent.
Home Students
*There are many schools all over the country don’t choose a school just because it is in your home town or just because you know certain people in it. Research on each school and choose what best for your future career.
*Once you have chosen a school figure out where you will stay, in campus or out campus. Ask students who already school there what is easier and also about the transportation.
*You also need to know about the school fees, and find information on sponsorships that you can get and whether you qualify for them.
*It will not be easy in the university, it is totally different from high school, just know why you are there, and feel at home. Make friends, even with international students which will increase your knowledge of cultural diversity.