Guides on postgraduate degree programmes in Australia

[h2] Postgraduate degree programmes in Australia[/h2]

Australia has the same education structure as the UK system. The Masters Degrees usually takes a year sometimes even more. In order to qualify for a postgraduate program you have to have an undergraduate qualification. There are certain entry requirements that differ according to what university it is. Each university sets its own tuition fees but the range is usually A$15,000-A$36,000 each year.

Victoria University offers four types of postgraduate programs being graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters’ degrees and doctorates. The degree programmes that can be taken are Master of Accounting, Master of Applied Psychology, Master of Applied Science and many others.

In the University of Queensland, the postgraduate programs give one an advantage in the employment industry and also provide knowledge. The entry and closing dates differ according to what course it is. The benefits that postgraduates in this university acquire are:

• They have access to one of the best research facilities which makes investigative work easier.

• The programs and qualifications are nationally and internationally recognized.

• They can also undertake programs at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Masters Level.

In the University of South Australia, they offer four categories of programs being Business, Health Sciences, Education, Arts and Social Sciences and IT, Engineering and Environment. In the Business field they have Accounting and Finance, International Business, Marketing, Property, Business Administration and many others. In the Health Sciences field, there is Nursing and Midwifery, Health Science, Nutritional Science, Podiatry and many others. In the third category, programs that can be studied are Master of Architecture, Master of Sustainable Design, Master of Education and many more. In the last category, there is Master of Engineering, Master of Surveying, Master of Project Management etc.

Australian National University also has a variety of programmes to take like Master of Anthropology, Master of Philosophy, Master of Laws, Master of Linguistics, Master of Design Arts and many other programmes.

There are many more universities and many other postgraduate programs. What is important to note is that in order to do this program you should have an undergraduate qualification. The costs for the courses differ according to the university. The length of study time will also differ and so it is wise to get into the website of the universities you are interested in and find out what programs they offer and their requirements.

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