Guides on undergraduate programmes in Australia







[h2]Undergraduate Degree Programmes in Australia[/h2]

Undergraduate degree programmes are usually offered as Bachelors Degree. Bachelor’s Degree usually takes four years but can take more time depending on how the student balances the course with other life commitments. Different universities offer different undergraduate programmes.

The University of Queensland has a timing of 3-5 years for undergraduate degrees. The university offers a lot of degree programs and dual programs as well. Examples of the programs are:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Engineering ….and many others

The dual degrees can be Arts/Science, Arts/Laws and many others.

In Victoria University, the study time is 3-5 years and it helps prepare you for post graduate study. Some of the different undergraduate programs are:

Bachelor of Business-in which you can branch into Accounting, Event Management, Financial Planning etc.

Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement- here you gain knowledge on human movement, sport science and rehabilitation.

Bachelor of Laws- one gains knowledge in basic areas of law and commercial law.

Bachelor of Psychological Studies- gaining knowledge in motivation, understanding the human mind and learning communication skills.

The University of Newcastle, offers a lot of undergraduate courses which are Bachelor’s Degree. Example of these courses are:

Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional Practice

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Medicine

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Computer Science etc

Bond University also offers a lot of undergraduate programs under different faculties. In the Architecture programme one can do Bachelor of Architectural Studies. The business section has degrees like Bachelor of Business Law, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business systems and many others. In Health Sciences and Medicine, available programs are Physiotherapy, Biomedical Science, Sports Management, Medicine etc.

University of the Sunshine Coast has two faculties being Arts and Business and faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering. Under Arts and Business the different programs are Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Public Relations and many others. Under the other faculty the programs that can be found are Bachelor of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Nutrition, Bachelor of Science and many more.

The above schools are just a few of the many universities and there are many programmes but just a few were mentioned to give an idea of what the universities offer. For more information visit the university sites and see the programs they offer.