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[h2]How to Choose your Course: Factors to Consider.[/h2]

It can be easy to choose the university you want to school in or even the faculty you want to be in, but choosing the course needs careful thinking. There are certain factors to consider when you choose a course to do:

• Identify what interests you, and what career plan you have. Choose what you like doing and do it to improve on your skills and knowledge.

• It is helpful to know how much time you have to study, so that if you are working or have other responsibilities you know how many credits to take and what course would be suitable for you.

• Know the time allowed to complete the course that way you can choose a course that is suitable and also choose how many papers you can take per year.

• It is important to know the cost of that particular course and it helps you choose according to how much you can pay.

• Research on the course using net and students doing the course. It’s also helpful to ask people who are in the career line you want, what courses are necessary, the pros and cons of the career and course.

• Research on the career opportunities of that course and if it worth doing looking at the income, job security and other factors.

• Also have information on the entry requirements.

Taught Programmes in Australia

• These are programmes in which classes, lectures and labs are involved. In involves having lecturers and class assignments.

• All the above factors need to be considered when you want to do such a program.

• It is also important to get the feeling of the environment and so if possible, one can attend certain lectures to see if they could cope with the structure of learning that is used.

• Also research and ask on the books that are used, the timetable, and any other extra activities that come with the program.

Research Programmes in Australia

• This is where research in different things is studied and used to contribute to the existing knowledge.

•Many universities and colleges in Australia offer research programmes like Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Higher Doctorates.

• The points discussed under factors to consider are also applied here.

Online Programmes in Australia

• This is when the course is done through internet. The assessments and course materials are done online.

• It’s important to know which books or materials will be available online and which will be sent by post.

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