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[h2]How to write great personal statement/essay[/h2]

Writing a personal statement is not always easy because you have to impress the university you want to attend on why you want to do that course, yet stay true to yourself. There are certain points that can help writing it easier and even fun to do.

State what you want to study and why, thus what interests you about that particular course. This is where you can even mention something that you are doing or used to do that relates to that course, like work.

Also state what you have done outside school. State things that show that you are hardworking and reliable, like helping out in the family business.

Mention what you enjoy in life, your hobbies and skills and talents. This is where you write about yourself and even mention achievements in your life school prizes.

It is also important to look at statements from other students like on sites, to compare to yours and see what you can get from them.

There are certain guidelines that can help in writing a personal statement.

*Paragraph 1- this is where you introduce the subject you have chosen and you mention why you are interested in it. It is important to be specific here on answering why you want to do it.

*Paragraph 2- here you mention something that you take as an achievement in your life but it should not have been mentioned in the application form this is where you specific about the particular degree and how it will help you.

*Paragraph 3- this is where you state what you want to do in that university and how you will contribute, and also what you like about the institution.

*Paragraph 4- you state what you will do once you are accepted, your plans and intentions.

*Paragraph 5 and 6- you provide background information that will backup why you are a good candidate. This is where you prove yourself to them on your importance in the future and how the course will help you contribute greatly in the society.

In conclusion, you convince them on why you have to be chosen and further explain what you will do and how you will contribute to the society. This is where you emphasize on everything so much that there becomes no need for an interview.

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