Tips on how to write a good project and dissertation












[h2]Projects and Dissertations: Tips on Topics, Supervisors and what makes a great piece of work.[/h2]

A dissertation is an academic task in which a project is made, and you have to come up with a topic, what you did during the research and your findings. There are 5 steps that can help one in writing a dissertation which are:

Choosing a Topic- this stage is not easy because you can have many ideas but not know what topic to choose. When you face such a situation you can ask other students on the topics that they are considering, their ideas could spark an idea. It is also helpful to look at other past works from libraries that may interest you and help you in choosing what to write about. You also have to know what interests you from all the topics you skimmed, and if it could make a good project. The research study should extend a project that has been done before but approaching it in a different way. Choose looking at the time that you will have to spend, the travelling you will have to make, the cost and availability of equipments. Discuss your topic with the supervisor.

Coming up with your Research question- it is important to come up with a research problem at the start of your project, so that every task you do addresses your problem, which will give you direction. If during research you find new information that might compel you to change your research question. If this happens notify the supervisor and explain why you want to change. The question should describe your argument or what you want to prove or disprove and explore.

Dissertation Proposal and Research Plan- this is where you state how you came up with the problem, the discussions you have had with your supervisor and the reading you have done on the topic. It is important to know how much time you have so that you give each task time, and to know which resources you will need and where.

Dissertation Methodology – supervisors are very useful in helping you develop your ideas and give you advice on how to conduct the research. The supervisors are responsible for making sure you finish your project and so it is important to have meetings together. This stage is also were you do some literature survey, and the resources should be recommended by your supervisor. You then collect your data and record it and make outputs like graphs of your data.

Discuss results- Revise your results, discuss them, and write recommendations and the conclusion to your research.