Cheapest University in Canada for International Students

[h2]Cheapest University in Canada for International Students[/h2]

Studying in Canada is becoming more and more popular idea among international students. There are more than a handful of reasons which have helped bring about this state of fact, among the top-leading reasons behind a decision like this are the great study packages available for international students including the ease with which they can achieve a scholarship.
Another reason is the low tuition costs and fees. Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for international students when compared to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.
Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) was established in 1925 and was known back then as Memorial University College. It is now the largest university in Atlantic Canada and has approximately 2,000 Academic staff members and around 19,000 students, most of them being undergraduates, by graduating some of the strongest and most advanced academically students in the fields of education, engineering, business, geology, and medicine.

MUN is home to nearly 1400 international students from more than 90 countries from all over the world. There is an International Student Advising committee which can help from anything from health insurance to career options to finding a place to stay while studying at MUN. There are cooperative education programs which offer students the opportunity to work while studying. There are many student groups which include students of similar backgrounds, interests, nationalities, faiths, etc.
Applying to MUN can be done online or through regular mail. All you need is proof of English proficiency, and even a student doesn’t meet the English requirements of the University, there is ESL program on campus where students can work at improving their English abilities to reach the level needed to complete the necessary academic programs.
The cost of tuition for an undergraduate degree program at MUN is one of the lowest in Canada. There are also student loans which can help facilitate the tuition process and MUN makes it easy for all students to apply on campus.
Graduate and PhD program fees are fixed; students seeking a Master’s degree have the choice of three payment plan options.
• Plan A: recommended for full-time students (6 semesters or less)
• Plan B: recommended for part-time students (more than 6 semesters)
• Plan C: students who are studying full-time in certain 1-year master’s programs are eligible for this payment plan.

Best Universities in Canada (top universities and best universities by subject – how to identify a good course to study)

Canada boasts of 23 universities in the QS World University Rankings for the year 2012/2013 ( It also has two of the 20 top ranking universities in the world. The first is McGill University located in Montreal, while the second is the University of Toronto. Even though both these top-ranking schools are on Canada’s east coast, the west coast is home to Canada’s third-ranking university; the University of British Columbia. This university is located in Vancouver which is famous for its beaches as well as its closeness to some of the world best ski resorts.
In general, universities in Canada are measure according to several factors, as:
• Universities are rated based on the success of their students at winning national academic awards. There are more than 18,000 individual awards from which students can choose and participate in. these awards include the Rhodes scholarships and the Fulbright awards. The total number of student awards is divided by its number of full-time students and this gives a count of “per student”. Faculty member s are also assessed
• The number of full-time students versus the number of full-time faculty members. This ratio includes graduate and undergraduate students.
• The percentage of the budget which is spent on student services, such as scholarships and financial aid.
• The wealth and breadth of the collection of books, magazines, journals, etc. within each library. Each university receives points for the number of volumes within the library, how library collections are updated and how models are renovated from the traditional models containing books on shelves to newly renovated models featuring electronic models
• Universities are also ranked according to their reputation in the community to which they belong

* Medical Doctoral Universities. All these universities offer a broad range of doctoral programs and vast research. They all have medical schools. The top four are:
o McGill University
o Toronto
o Queen’s

* Comprehensive Universities. The universities in this category require a decent amount of research and contain a wide range of study programs in both the graduate and the undergraduate levels.
o Simon Fraser
o Victoria
o Waterloo
o New Brunswick

* Undergraduate Universities. These universities are usually not as large in size as other universities which offer doctoral and post-doctoral studies. This also means the number of graduate students is fewer and the range of graduate programs is not as wide. The top four undergraduate schools in Canada are as follows:
o Mount Allison
o Lethbridge
o Acadia