Online Programmes available (Online Universities and Colleges in Canada (Accredited)

[h2]Online Programmes available (Online Universities and Colleges in Canada (Accredited)[/h2]

If you want to get the same value for your high-quality education with the benefits of having a flexible studying schedule, then online education is the way for you. Online study programs and distance education offer the same level of education their counterparts obtain in conventional classes and lecture rooms.

Some of the disadvantages, however, are the presence of distractions in the home (as that is traditionally where the learner receives his or her online education), the lack of classroom participation, and the unreliable dependency on technology.

Yet the incentives far outweigh the drawbacks. The biggest advantage of distance learning is that the gap between the source of information and the learners is bridged; now more so with the advent of the internet and distance e-learning (DeL). Distance e-learning is also referred to as the virtual university which Canada proudly boasts of in both English and French. It is aptly named the Canadian Virtual University ( Another advantage is that distance learning is more cost-effective than traditional education. Yet their educational programs are just as demanding, and their academics are equally rigorous. A further benefit is the assortment of online formats through which instructions, tests, and exams are conveyed between instructor and students. These formats can be message boards, emails, or even chat rooms. Many online programs permit students to gain access to their lessons depending on their own personal schedule.

You can also choose to study online through a certain college or university in your area or in a neighboring province or territory. It is important to choose a reputable school because one of the first things employers look at is the employee’s alma mater; whether it is of sound reputation and whether it is accredited or not. Therefore it is crucial to do some research before choosing a certain university. There are many websites that offer information on the universities and all their study programs in Canada. The two most helpful are The Canadian Information Center for International Credentials and The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

The Canadian Information Center for International Credentials (CICIC) features a directory encompassing any and every institution which is recognized and authorized to offer distance education (

Another important site which provides an extensive search database for all study programs, all fields, all universities and colleges with just the press of a button is The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada ( This vital site saves time and effort for students who wish to know what their choices are when choosing to study in Canada.

Learning – whether online or in a traditional classroom – is a great way to plan for a prosperous future. It opens up doors and gives you the tools to make your own choices to be a better you.