Student Social Life in Canada: hang outs, eateries, clubs, parties and the all round experience.

[h2]Student Social Life in Canada: hang outs, eateries, clubs, parties and the all round experience[/h2]

Canada is a country that has something to offer everyone; from the traditional students adamant on adhering to the norm to the adventurous ones who are seeking to break the barriers. Students can have the complete experience from the finest eateries to the hippest hang outs to the craziest club scenes. Regardless of where they are in Canada – east, west, north, south; there is something for everyone!


Vancouver, for example, offers a myriad of social activities to choose from. Students can visit Granville Island which was once a busy hotbed of industrial activity. Nowadays it is alive with music, delicious fresh foods, and exciting attractions which appeal to young and old alike. There is also a great park – Stanley Park – where students can go to enjoy the blue waters of the sea, have a lazy stroll, or enjoy the weather with a nice picnic. Vancouver’s night life has it all; from nightclubs to match every musical preference to a Chinese night market which offers all the wonderful and delicious Chinese favorites. Students can also enjoy the venues of Vancouver’s Winter Games back in 2010.

In Toronto, there are places to visit, restaurants to indulge in, nightclubs to party in – students won’t know where to begin! Toronto is famous for its CN Tower which was once known as the tallest structure in the world. It is basically a broadcast tower, an observation deck, and several great restaurants way at the top. Those who enjoy nightlife entertainment will head to the downtown central part of Toronto where all the well-known and lively clubs are. Some clubs boast of three stories of dancing frenzy with bars consisting of several feet. Other clubs have separate areas for dancing, singing, eating, and patios for relaxing and enjoying the view of King Street right in the core of Toronto.

Edmonton is another great place to enjoy beautiful and majestic scenic views during the day, and exciting, one-of-a-kind fun during the night. Edmonton has one of the most famous comedy clubs in Canada on Bourbon Street. There are many karaoke and piano bars as well as pubs and dance clubs, but one of the biggest nightclubs is called the Powerplant which can be found on the campus of the University of Alberta.

Every city and province has something unique and special to offer. No matter where your school is, you will be sure to find something to do both during the day and night