Why study in the Canada?

[h2]Why study in Canada?[/h2]

With its top-class education and research facilities, Universities in Canada have increasingly been chosen from prospective students from all over the world.

A great percentage of those enrolled in many Universities of Canada are indeed foreigners, who have also found in Canada’s much lower tuition rates an answer to a question that many of those planning to embark in a “study abroad” adventure could ask themselves: why study in Canada?

Indeed, many reputable Universities are present in Canada, but there are several things that a prospective foreign student should know in order to choose a good Canadian University.

But how do you go about the process of how to choose a good University in Canada?

First of all, you should bear in mind what part of Canada you want to study and live in, since admission rules are different in every province.

Students should thoroughly check the admission requirements of each University or College they might be interested in, with particular attention to what is the minimum level of English or French needed in order to be eligible for admission.

The University system in Canada has its own particularities that have to be taken into consideration; specifically, Universities are the institutions that mostly have the right to grant degrees, while colleges mostly offer vocational and technical programs, granting certificates and diplomas.

How to apply for Universities in Canada can vary from province to province; briefly, in order to apply for institutions in the Province of Ontario, one needs to go through a general application system called OUAC; for Universities in any other province, requirements vary from one University to another.

A fairly popular misconception about requirements for entry in Canadian Universities is that they require a student to complete those US standardized tests such as the SAT (for Undergraduate admission), the GRE and the GMAT (for graduate admission); however, prospective foreign students should know that these tests are not required for entrance in Canadian Universities.

However, one fundamental piece of any application to a University in Canada is the personal essay. In order to write a good personal essay for an application to a Canadian University, any prospective foreign student should focus on convincingly expressing why he or she is absolutely set on studying in Canada, as opposed to any other country, and what are the reasons that made him or her choose that particular University; which, as it often happens, might not be the overall best university, but might be a top-rated University for the subject in which the student wants to specialize. It is therefore important for any prospective applicant to search accurately, and broaden the search from Top Universities towards the inclusion of the Best Universities by subject.

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