Canadian Visa

[h2]Canadian Visa – Step by step of how to apply for student visa in Canada[/h2]
About 100,000 of foreign students get education in different colleges and Universities of Canada. You can also come here to get an education by following step by step procedure.
In order to get education in Canada, there are few things that should be fulfilled . A list of these requirements is given below
*You must be enrolled in any college or university in Canada.
*You should have enough resources to pay your tuition fee, living expenses and transportation charges.
*You must be having a good health according to medical evidences.
*You must be free of any criminal record.
Following are the essential documents that must be provided.
*A proof of your identity,
*A student visa
*Letter of justification
*Evidence of financial support.
[h2]How to apply?[/h2]
First of all, you have to get a permit to get your education in Canada by availing a student visa. For this purpose, you have to do the following activities
*Before you apply, you have to choose your student type.
*Find out, either you are eligible or not?
*Submit an application form and documents for your visa
*Check for the estimated processing time
*If you are selected, then prepare for your arrival
[h2]How to extend it?[/h2]
If you want to extend your stay in Canada then you have to apply for it, within at least 30 days before your visa expires. You can apply by both the online means and or by paper. The only things that are required are your documents and a fee.
You have to provide your needs and full detail about why you want to extend your staying period. If your request is accepted then an officer will notify you.
[h2]Student work permit[/h2]
In Canada, if you are unable to meet all your expenses, then you have to take a student work permit. With the help of this permit, you can work and earn money while your study process.
[h2]Refusal and appeal[/h2]
The applications are accepted or rejected on the basis of rules and grants options. If your application is refused, you must properly study its eligibility criteria and fulfil all the requirements because sending an appeal.
If you are ready to apply for Canadian student visa and you need more information, please visit Study in Canada