UK Visa

[h2]An overview – Step by step of how to apply for student visa in the UK[/h2]
It is the wish of every student to get education in the best University of college in the UK. If you are passionate about your studies and have enough financial resources, then you must apply for the student visa in the UK. Getting a visa is not an easy task, you have to follow step by step process to get a student visa. For this purpose, you have to give application with all the essential documents. Later on, after an interview it is decided whether you qualify the interview or not.

In order to apply for the visa, you have to fulfill all its requirements.
*You must be a perspective student means you must be enrolled in a well known University in the UK.
*Your course must be started within the period of 6 months after your arrival. You have to show its evidence of the letter of acceptance.
*You must show your enough resources to fulfill all your financial needs rather then you start working here as a part time worker or start getting public funds to fulfil your needs.
*You can take any of your family members with you while you are completing your studies in the UK.

Following are the documents, you must require to get a student visa.
*A document that contains your full information
*All information about your finances and employment.
*Reason to visit the UK
*All your travelling details and recommendations

[h2]How to apply?[/h2]
In order to apply for the student visa, you have to fill an online form VAF3A and print its confirmation page. If any of your family members, also wants to come with you then he is also required to fill the online form VAF3B. You will also need to enter your fingerprints and a recent photograph. Then apply for the visa according to your country requirements. All other things like how to return your documents, application center and documentation will be according to your country requirements.

[h2]How to extend it?[/h2]
If you want to extend your stay in the UK, then you have to take permission because perspective students have not been allowed to stay for more than 6 months. In order to extend your stay, you have to fill an online application form FLR (O) and after printing it, you have to send it with the required fee. Do not forget to attach the required documents to your form. If you do not do so, you will be deported soon.

[h2]Refusal and appeals[/h2]
We grant the perspective student visa to any student after complete checking of documents, immigration history and application. If we refuse your application, then you will receive a refusal notice. You can find the reason of refusal of your application and it also advice you send your appeal if you are not eligible for the visa.
If you ready to apply for UK student visa and need moreinformation, please visit UK Student Visa