USA VISA – Step by step of how to apply for student visa

[h2]An overview[/h2]
Before going to any country to study if you are not a national of that country, you must apply for a student visa. The same process applies to the USA.  The USA student visa is quite easy and straightforward to get if you met the requirements. Usually, according to the basic rule of the United States of America, every person living outside the America must get a permanent visa or temporary visa in order to visit America. If you want to study in America, then you must have a student visa. Your study requirements concludes about the type of visa you require. It may be either M-1 visa or F-1 visa.

Students cannot complete their study with the visiting visa. They should get an F-1 or M-1 visa to study in USA. If you want to get an F-1 visa then you must provide the name of the University, high school or college or private elementary school in which you want to get admission. An M-1 visa is for the students who want to get enrolled in any vocational program.
Every student must have SEVP approval from school before applying for a visa. Then get online information for the courses in the USA. Once you get enrolled in any program, you have to pay SEVIS I-901 Fee. Later on you will receive I-20 at the time of your interview. At the time of the interview, you will need the printed confirmation page of your submitted form.

In order to apply for the US study visa, you will require the following documents
*A valid passport (valid for more than the time, you want to stay in the US).
*The application form confirmation page.
*A payment receipt.
*A recent photograph (same as you uploaded in the form).
*An eligibility certificate (both for F-1 and M-1 student status)
*Payment methods should be mentioned
*The academic preparation evidences documents.

[h2]How to apply?[/h2]
In order to apply for the visa, you have to pass various steps. All these steps should be followed according to the consulate or according to the US embassy. For online application, you have to provide your complete information and the confirmation page should be printed that is essentially required at the time of interview.
Along with the confirmation page, do not forget to upload a recent photo. This photo should be formatted according to the given format.
After submitting an application form by online means, you have to schedule your interview at the provided time.

*New students cannot enter in the USA more than 30 days before the starting date of their visa.
*Continuing students can enter any time during the period of their study.
Now it is the time to prepare for your interview. The visa application fee is nonrefundable and you have to pay it before your interview. Once your visa gets approved, you will need to pay visa issuance reciprocity fee. During the interview, you will be asked various questions about your spouse or children, either you qualify for the visa or not and many more.

[h2]How to extend it?[/h2]
All the students who need to stay in the USA for the completion of their study beyond the visa date, must provide the admission date on the Form l-94 and this form should be approved by USCIS. If you have not requested USCIS for the date extension, then you must depart the USA on the date mentioned on the form l-94. If you do not depart on the specific date, then your visa will be void and you will be out of status.

[h2]Refusal and appeals[/h2]
In the case of refusal of your visa, you should review the visa denials and get the detailed information about waivers, ineligibilities and denials apply again for a visa.

If you are ready to apply and for more information on how to apply for USA student visa, please visit Student Visa.