Accommodation in the United Kingdom

[h2]Accommodation in the United Kingdom[/h2]

Most of the universities in the UK provide places for its first-year students in their own accommodation like halls of residence. Some universities are entering into partnership contracts with private sector organizations to manage and build student complexes. This is because of the fact that there is a need for more number of student bed spaces has doubled in the last few years as more and more students from various parts of the world has realized the importance of the education of UK. UNITE is the biggest provider and offer students a secure/ flexible accommodations with a wide range of payment options. This style of living can be a bit more expensive but provides high quality living. It provides a standardized room with a phone line, high-speed internet access, satellite TV and shared kitchen to have all mod cons.
Many students view this ensuite accommodation before they arrive at university. Staying in a student Halls can save you a lot of money it is basically sharing with others (most universities offer single sex flats) is a good way to make friends on the way to the bathroom or in the queue for the showers. Almost all universities own accommodation and many private sector halls are covered by one of 3 accreditation schemes-
• Cover up essential issues like how the hall is managed; and maintain its health, safety and security.
• You can search information’s about such schemes and check your accommodation by checking the UUK or ANUK/Unipol websites.
It is advisable for the first year students to choose private halls of residence if university halls are available. The new private halls of residence are good for 2–5 year students and for first year students who fails to locate a secured place in university residences due to many reasons such as late applications, clearing etc. An increasing number of students are looking for more independent lifestyle offered by self-catering. The universities and other providers have recently made changes towards this shift by providing flexible eating arrangements rather than the traditional full board package of accommodation and fifteen or so meals a week. Many universities these days offer pay-as-you-eat as well as wholly catered and self-catering facilities in their residences. Student Halls can be mixed or more rarely single sex and might accommodate up to 800 students. Still they are great places to socialize and make friends.