Graduate jobs applications and interview process tips

[h2]Graduate jobs applications and interview process tips[/h2]

Completing your graduate programme involves preparing for graduate jobs applications to appear for interview and for the same to need to refresh your memory regarding specific projects and situation. Below are the few questions that may be asked at the time of interview-
• Tell me about yourself-The most asked question in any interview you face. Prepare something that doesn’t sound rehearsed at all. Try to stick to your education, career and current situation and explain it.

• Why are you looking for another job/reasons to leave your previous job- This is a simple question yet it is easy to slip. Avoid mentioning money at this very first stage. If you are employed you can say it’s all about developing your skills and career as an individual and if you are not stay positive and keep it brief with some solid explanation.

• What do you know about our organization- Before appearing for the interview try to find out who the main players and who have been in the news recently.

• Why do you want this job-Here you really need to put some thoughts and be specific and link the company’s values and mission statement to your own career and goals.

• Who are our biggest competitors- Your answer decided how you really understand the industry and its main players. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight what you think are the company’s key strengths.

• What would your previous co-workers say about you-Avoid disclosing everything and stay positive and add up a few specific statements or instances.

• How do you handle stressful-situations and working-under-pressure- This may depict you as a person that works well under pressure, make sure you don’t say you panic. Give examples of stressful situations and explain how well you dealt with them.

• What do you like working in a team- The answer here should be of course that you are an excellent team player as in fact there is no other valid answer o this question.

• What kinds of persons do you not like to work with- Here even if a long list of persons appear in front of you with whom you do not like to work with stop thinking much and say that it’s a difficult question as you have always gotten on fine with your colleagues.

• What is your greatest strength-This is an excellent opportunity to shine. Mention few of your qualities say a good motivator, loyal, problem solver, positive attitude, performing well under pressure, eager to learn, taking the initiative and attention to detail. Give few examples to illustrate these skills.

Always keep in mind that your interview starts from the minute you walk into the building.