How to write personal statement and essay – UK




[h2]How to write your personal statement[/h2]

The first demo of your potential that gets to the university you want to join is your personal statement. It’s the page that might get you to UK or might stop you from building a high career. If you are skilled to be a writer, composing the statement should be easy. But, in case you desire to study other fields, you might need a piece of advice, as follows.

So, how do you write a professional personal statement? We give you some successful steps and guidelines.

Step one. Organization

You have chosen your university and courses. Make a list of what the admissions committee searches for a candidate in your field. What should a future student at a law course think like? What about a music course?

Make another list. This time write with the skills you want to emphasize, the hobbies that might help you and your most important initiatives that might be seen as academic activities.

Try to create a sketch – storyboard out of your skills and activities. Once you find the connection between them or a proper flow, everything becomes easier.

Step two. Writing

Are you ready to write? Good. Firstly, finish building up your strategy. Keep in mind that you must use a smooth tone – not too elegant, neither too regular. Don’t think about using long phrases or paragraphs.

Find your attention catcher phrase. It might be a short story, a personal claim developed in 3 sentences or a different type of insight on your opinions and character.

Think about any word. If it sounds too common, makes the sentence look pale or looks like a cliche, change it. Each sentence has the right to be outstanding through something, because they have to read the whole statement. No exceptions.

Invent quotes. Yes, make them think about something you wrote in your personal statement. Don’t show them you know quotes, because there are hundreds of thousands other students who do that.

Show your skills in a professional manner. Don’t just name them, show them as if they are a method that gets you to another academic purpose. And remember to follow your sketches.

Step three. Management

Have you finished? Take a 1 – 2 hours break and then read and edit it. Let your brain release the worries about your personal statement.

Then, check and recheck your grammar. Everything has to be tidy, mistake free and organized. Look at every word and find a meaning to it in your paper.

And if you follow all the steps and write your personal statement carefully, it will be read and get you the admission.