International students’ vs. Home Students

[h2]International students’ vs. Home Students[/h2]

International students
UK’s colleges have to compete with many other non-English speaking countries because these countries are offering college student’s accredited degree programs at affordable prices. The governments in these countries are investing more and more capital into their educational systems to impart quality education to its students. As a result the college students in these countries are now deciding to remain in their home countries to pursue their higher studies, instead of relocating to foreign land. Recent studies conducted by the British Council states that those international students who are still interested in pursuing their higher education in the UK believes that the UK colleges/universities are their foremost.

Despite of the recent global recession international students are looking to study in the UK and are not concerned with the cost of studying in foreign countries. According to the British Council’s study 8.5% of prospective international student’s think of studying abroad as a way to reside permanently. The British Council has also revealed the fact that the potential of international students in the UK will substantially increase over the next few years. Studying in the UK has become a popular trend among international students to scale new heights of success because of the following core reasons-
• Good Quality Education
• Infrastructure
• Value for money
• Improved culture and nice people

Home Students
It is really hard to get out of your hectic everyday work schedule in this busy world. In the present scenario nobody forget to drag comfort and ease into their personal and social lives. The digital growth in technology has blessed mankind with the online medium. Now a day’s people right from their homes can connect themselves to the business houses, homes and family. Similarly home study courses are designed to impart education for every type of people disregard to rich or poor. There are countless number of schools and colleges that provide home study courses for working professionals as well as students. Online education medium is a big booming plan as it is an awesome method to get educate from renowned universities and colleges without the help of a tutor or a guardian.
You can get thousands of sites that offer distance/ correspondence level courses. All you need to do is choose one that matches your career. Home studies are relatively cheap and easy as you can get your course fee installment facility also. Such online institutes do have their learning centers to impart tuitions from professionals on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Most of these correspondence learning courses offer fully established virtual classes that have the environment for discussions with teachers.