Internships and work placements for students

[h2]Internships and work placements for students [/h2]

Summer Internships and work placements for students in the UK create opportunity to enhance their skills and educational endeavors in finding a good-job after completion of their courses. Internships and work placements for students is a required to enter in today’s competitive market. Students get countless benefits from such internship and placements by expanding their networking, marketable job skills, and learning ins-and-outs of their field. Before undertaking any internship students are advised to analyze what kind of internship they are actually interested in. Wasting their precious time on unrelated fields fails to help them in their future job search.
Internships and work placements for students are sometimes unpaid while some internships offer payment or tuition credit. Paid internships are for those students who work part-time during schooling & full time during vacations. The major advantage with paid internships is that they make some money with work experience which may yield fruitful results in the future. For instance, journalism internships are excellent to prepare you for the actual world of news business and a great option to show it on your resume. To get a job experience in your relevant field is a must to add up in your resume and to get experience; it is advisable to take up internship.

Steps to find Internships and work placements for students –
• Be Specific in choosing your Internships
• Submit a good resume
• Get references
• Finding the Internship (Finding an internship can be challenging)

Companies and institutions offering internship and student placement programme in UK-
• GlaxoSmithKline–A pharmaceutical company offering short term and long-term placements for under graduates of science and non science.

• Proctor & Gamble–A multinational consumer goods company offering short term and long term internships yearly in Manufacturing, Engineering, Marketing and Research & Development.

• Centrica plc–Largest utilities companies in United Kingdom offering provides summer programmes and graduate placements.

• Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL)–Provides short-term summer internships & long-term industrial placements.

• Novartis–Offering industrial placements at Horsham, UK and all across the globe.

• Jannsen-Cilag–Subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson and a research-based pharmaceutical company also offering placements to students in a variety of fields.

• BBC Jobs – Offering short term placements in science communication for variety of fields available at the “BBC”.

• Cheltenham Festivals internships–Imparts summer internship placements and volunteering opportunities public for engagement or festivals.