MBA Programmes

[h2]MBA Programmes[/h2]

When you consider to study abroad, UK holds its prime place as it is the home to the best institutes that impart quality education at a global level because of their teaching standards, top class infrastructure and other facilities for its students which no other institutes provides.
MBA Programmes
in UK has opened doors to a bright future with new career opportunities, growth and success. To match the present pace in order to address the ongoing future scope, the elitist colleges in UK are adopting systematic-measures to induce a strong coordination between practical skills, theoretical knowledge and holistic approach. The ultimate objective is to enrich the student’s academic experience and enhance practical excellence.

What matters to your employers is your personal skills, career expectations, values and interests you offer. Besides academic achievement the UK
MBA Programmes
teaches you to make you professionally sound by developing- analytical skills, communication skills, team work, decisiveness, IT skills, and practicality to develop your capacity to work hard. UK-MBA students are absorbed each year by big corporate such as-American Airlines, Accenture, Amazon, BCG, Barclays, Ernst & Young, Disney, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Intel McKinsey, Standard Chartered Bank, Rolls Royce etc. These MBA students also have vast opportunities in finance, HR, marketing, IT etc. with reputed companies.UK
MBA Programmes
assure good number of campus recruitments. With online recruitments, seeking a good job has become easier.
MBA Programmes
are globally recognized leading way towards your dream salary plus job. Salaries differ according to industries and field of work. For example, health care industry may offer-$111,000 yearly on an average while a non F profit/government organization may offer-$73,000 yearly. These packages may differ in different parts of UK. For example, for MBA’s-IT England offer-$65,000, London offers-$70,000 and West Yorkshire offer-$85,000. The Global MBA Rankings (2010) reports the London Business School with-$142,340 salary per year on an average. The Oxford University hold 16th rank (second in UK) with-$136,467. Cambridge University offered-$125690, while in 2010 the Lancaster University alumni reported salary of-$112,214 on an average. This makes an average salary of around-$100,000 or more in UK. Undoubtedly you can easily pursue your
MBA Programmes
to grab a rewarding job for a bright tomorrow.
List of some of the top universities/colleges offering
MBA Programmes
in the UK
• University of Oxford – Said Business School
• University of Cambridge – Judge Business School
• University of Warwick – Warwick Business School
• Manchester Business School – The University of Manchester
• University of Strathclyde – Strathclyde Business School
• Lancaster University Management School
• Henley Business School
• Aston University – Aston Business School
• University of Edinburgh Management School
• Ashridge Business School
• Imperial College London – Tanaka Business School
• University of Durham – Durham Business School
• City University – CASS Business School
• University of Birmingham – Birmingham Business School
• University of Bath – School of Management
• University of Glasgow – Business School
• University of Leeds – Leeds University Business School
• Bradford University – School of Management
• University of Nottingham – Nottingham University Business School
• Cardiff University – Cardiff Business School
• Kingston University – Faculty of Business
• University of Wales Institute – Cardiff School of Management
• Open University Business School
• Oxford Brookes University – Business School
• Nottingham Trent University – Nottingham Business School
• University of Surrey – School of Management
• Sheffield Hallam University – Faculty of Organization and Management
• University of Exeter – School of Business and Economics
• Manchester Metropolitan University – Business School
• University of Hull – Business School
• Middlesex University Business School
• Heriot-Watt University – Edinburg Business School
• University of Plymouth – The Plymouth Business School
• Napier University – Business School
• University of Newcastle upon Tyne – Business School
• De Montfort University – Leicester Business School
• Coventry University – Coventry Business School
• Robert Gordon University – Aberdeen Business School
• University of Southampton – School of Management
• University of the West of England – Bristol Business School
• University of Wales Aberystwyth – School of Management and Business
• Loughborough University – Business School

You can check the profiles of these schools on HERE. It is easy, just select country and choose the university you want to access.