Scholarships and Funding: Applications and factors to consider

[h2]Scholarships and Funding: Applications and factors to consider[/h2]
There are different types of Scholarships and Funding available for foreign students. Relocating to a foreign country in order to pursue higher studies can be a bit scary for some parents. It is scarier to see the big bills that come along. However, an on campus financial aid can be applied to your foreign study trip to offset this uncertain cost.
In fact by doing this there is a huge possibility to make your foreign study trip cheaper as compared to attending domestic college domestically. This applies specially to those who pay out of station tuition fees. Scholarships and Funding are monetary awards for foreign students who meet a specified criteria based on competition such as an essay writing.
The following are the different types of study abroad scholarships you can apply for-
You can apply to various types of Scholarships and Funding to pursue studies abroad-

• Location based- Such Scholarships and Funding is awarded on the basis of country the student is planning to attend. The host country selects a winner from a big list of applicants.

• Demographic based-Such scholarships are based on a demographic level. The most common category is- minority scholarships. It is awarded based on gender, race, income, religion, medical history, etc.

• Merit based-Such Scholarships and Funding is based on qualifications of the applicant including his/her athletic, academic or artistic talents. It may also consider the extracurricular work, student’s community service and volunteer work.

• Program based-Such scholarships are awarded on the basis of different study programs or universities/colleges to students who qualify for them and are awarded to those who meet some level of academic or personal achievement criteria specified.

• Subject based-It basically depends on your field of study if you qualify you receive a subject-based scholarship. These awards are generally given to brilliant minds in a particular area of study like fine arts, mathematics, economics, history, etc. It requires that the student should undertake certain classes after receiving such award.
It is always advisable to apply for all scholarships you qualify under. This could increase your chance to receive. If you fails to earn any don’t feel dishearten there are thousands of applicants for each scholarship and if you do not receive one not at all mean that you do not deserve it. Going away to a foreign college is a big step towards your career so take this decision wisely.