Tips on visa applications

[h2]Tips on visa applications[/h2]

Here are the few easy Tips on visa applications that can be a big help for all aspiring students who wants to pursue their studies in the UK universities and colleges –
• Read the entire immigration requirements properly (specific to your category). Select your immigration category established through UKBA-UK Border Agency. Calculate your points to qualify for applying. Visit UKBA website to avoid tiny mistakes. Read online Tips on visa applications to get assistance.

• Never cut corners. Leave anything doubtful is always assumed that the British Embassy will not exercise their decision towards your favor. Various requirements are compulsory and you need to strictly meet these requirements by providing evidence. Do not assume that your caseworker will apply common-sense while considering your application. Your caseworker has limited resources and time to establish your situation hence provides evidence to support your claims.

• Your application form should be prepared with accuracy. The chances of refusal should be made minimal by carefully examining the application form before completing it. Fill-in all relevant sections with proper facts and figures and answer truthfully to the questions (especially if you are applying after prior refusal). Sign your form carefully with correct date on the application form.

• All the documents submitted need to be original with proper evidences wherever asked to avoid rejections. Make Xerox copies of all the documents you send to the British High Commission.

• Always prepare a cover letter with your application bundle which explains your immigration history listing all the documents attached.

• Make sure that you have made your payment (fee) correctly. If you opt to pay by credit card, inform your bank about the transaction and fill in correct details.

• Play your cards safe and post through special recorded delivery. Send your documents by recorded delivery to avoid lost of passport or other important documents.

• Check your visa expiry date before applying. Visa expiry may make you lose your right of appeal.

• Never delay to submit your application and wait till the last minute. Allow ample of time for submission and processing of the application before making travel arrangements.

• If you had previous refusals/bad immigration history, talk to an OISC registered consultant or immigration solicitor. It is important to note that your legal advice should not be too expensive.
Hence the above Tips on visa applications can help you to place your applications right.