Transportation system for students in the UK

[h2]Transportation system for students in the UK[/h2]

The United Kingdom offer various Transportation system for students in the UK. London celebrates its 150 years of underground (the Tube) as a remarkable subway system in Jan, 2013. It carries more than 1 billion passengers each year. Periodical events are conducted by The London Transport Museum in the honor of the same. This Tube goes along with the London buses, making the city’s transport system easy in the day to day lives of its travelers. However, travelling around this vast city can be a little confusing at the beginning but following maps could make it easy.
Transportation system for students in the UK are the best method for commuting within and around the city. These transportation system includes-
• the Tube
• DLR (Docklands Light Railway)
• Buses
• River bus service
• Over ground & National Rail Trams (tram system in south London)
• Victoria Coach Station
• Cycling
• Taxis / minicabs
• & walking.
Below are the few tips for using the Transportation system for students in the UK. All London passengers needs to be aware of these tips to commute in London –
Transportation system for students in the UK (London) is based on a separate zone system (with central London in Zone 1) extending up to 9 zones. The London zone system is visible in its ticket prices & time frame of your journey.

• To avoid complications at the London Underground it is advisable to follow signs (color-coded lines) towards each platform indicating various station names and their final destinations.

• Get yourself a credit-storing Oyster card or weekly/ 1 day travel cards for using London public transport. This is basically done to avoid following huge ticket lines and coin shortages.

• To update your knowledge about the various tubes, buses, and walking maps can prove to be very useful.

• Observe Tube etiquette and stand aside. Let your other fellow travelers walk easily and seek help from your nearby guard. Keep yourself away from escalators and stand towards the right side.

• London Buses are comparatively cheaper, cleaner and more frequent than the tubes.

• The River Bus on Thames in just 20 minutes offer express trip between Tate Modern to Tate Britain.

• You can call or book your minicabs online for safe and enjoyable journey.

• UK passengers consider walking as an ideal pass time.