Universities by Rank

[h2]Universities by Rank[/h2]

A university plays a vital role in finalizing your decision. Before finalizing you must ensure that the school/ college and the city best suits your needs. UK offers quality education at various universities, specialized institutions and business schools. In few cases these specialized institutions and business schools offer its students degree programs in a joint venture authorized by the UK University. The UK Council for International Affairs-UKCISA has released reports revealing that London is a home to 8 out of top 20 UK universities. London is the best place for international business and excellent for various business networking.

Some of the Top Universities by Rank in UK are follows –
• Cambridge
• London School of Economics
• Imperial College London
• Durham
• St Andrews
• University College London
• Lancaster
• Bath
• Bristol
• York
• Exeter
• Loughborough
• Southampton
• Edinburgh
• Glasgow
• King’s College London
• Nottingham
• Leicester
• Sussex
• Surrey
• Newcastle
• Queen’s, Belfast
• Royal Holloway
• East Anglia
• Sheffield
• Manchester
• Liverpool
• Reading
• Kent
• Aston
• Cardiff
• Strathclyde
• City
• Essex
• Heriot-Watt
• Brunel
• Queen Mary
• Dundee
• Aberdeen
• Oxford Brookes
• Keele
• Hertfordshire
• Swansea
Manchester is another choice for international students because of its diverse culture. The 2 main universities of Manchester are-The University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University. There are number of UK universities that impart quality education to its students from all over the world. Therefore it is essential to search the top university subject wise also. There is no government official ranking of UK universities. Still there are few newspaper rankings published yearly by the Times Newspaper, The BBC’s Student Guide, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent University Guide.
Guardian lays emphasis on quality education and students feedback. The Independent University Guide undertakes 9 measures of quality based on-student satisfaction, student/staff ratio, research assessment, library/computing spend, entry standards, facilities spend, graduate prospects, degree classifications & completion rates. It is a highly recommended university guide. Which guide ranking is the best depends on various factors.
The major factor that affects the choice of university is – which university is the best for the course that you have chosen.
For instance, the top 5 universities of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
are –
• Cambridge
• Imperial College London
• Southampton
• Surrey
• Bristol
Similarly the top 5 universities for economics are
• Warwick
• London School of Economics
• Oxford
• Cambridge
• University College London