Work Permit-A list of companies offering sponsorships

[h2]Work Permit-A list of companies offering sponsorships[/h2]

In order to apply for Work Permit, in the UK you should be in a good position to work in UK with the necessary skills plus a recognized degree so that the employer is ready to hire you. For instance-a highly skilled applicant or migrant can apply under the category of HSMP-Highly Skilled Migrant Programme. Any successful applicant under this category is allowed to render his services in any part of UK for 2-years and even more if he could prove his full-time employment when his 2-years passes away. All those who are not highly-skilled would not be able to apply for Work Permit individually.
There is a big list of skilled positions on the official shortage list that falls under the category of high-level-skilled executive and designations on a board of directors where the applicant needs to report directly to the team of board-of-directors. This includes the Doctors/ veterinary surgeons, Consultants, Dentists, Ground Engineering & general engineering sector & teachers (covered by compulsory schooling).
Falling into any of the above mentioned categories maximizes your chances of successfully gaining the UK Work Permit. The process is easy and takes couple of weeks. Fill an online-application form (WP1) which needs to be sent to the “Immigration Agency and Home Office Border” for approval. Send copies of your academic/professional qualifications along with past employer’s references (last 5 years your employment) plus a contract (if applicable) duly signed by your employer in UK. Once your Work Permit is granted, all the original documents are again sent back as you need them before entry in UK to present them along with your work permit, passport and visa to the immigration officer at the port of entry.
There is a huge list of companies offering sponsorships in the UK for international students. There are around 26,633 companies in total (24,879 companies under tier 2 & 3,524 companies under tier 5). Few of them are –
• (aq) Limited
• B M Cooper & Co
• Bachlaw Projects
• 0-two Maintenance
• BAA Limited
• YaD Arts
• Badoo Limited
• Accent
• Worth School
• Active
• Age UK
• 13 Artists
• Youth Initiatives
• Zyky
• 1CallDirect Ltd
• 1CL Limited
• 1E Limited
• 20:20 London
• 23red
• Woori Bank
• 24-7 Prayer
• 2ergo Ltd
• 3-Cs Ltd
• 38 Degrees
• Bablas Ltd
• Yemen Airways
• Babajaan Ltd
• 4Ps-Marketing Ltd
• Baby Buddha