Accommodation in the USA

[h2]Accommodation in the USA[/h2]

Usually students residing in the US do not find it difficult to find accommodation though accommodation in the USA is something that many international students do have to worry about- especially those who have no relatives or friends whom they can live with. Accommodation in the USA is not as big an issue as you would think it to be- even if you are a student you have several options.
First of all, you could always go for on-campus accommodation. Dormitories are the most popular option amongst students who prefer living on their own. If you are someone who would prefer living with friends or college friends, you could always look for apartments or other forms of accommodation near your campus. It would be better to give for something that is closer to your campus because this would save you from the travel fare to and from your university. Naturally, the bigger dorms would be more expensive as opposed to smaller dorms on campus.
Another option for you would be to live with a relative, provided you have any. This way you need not pay for your food and accommodation because you would be living with someone you already know. This would also save you from the possibility of losing your apartment or flat due to quarrels of sorts with your friends and roommates.
Sometimes old people need help taking care of themselves and so, they tend to put up a portion of their flats/apartments on rent. You could look up such options online or search for them while you’re on campus for a while. This way you get to support yourself and you’d get paid by the landlord for taking care of them too. You’re benefitting in two ways. Some people are willing to pay quite a lot for such assistance. This may require that you help them cook food, buy groceries and help them where toileting is concerned. If that is not something you’re too comfortable with you could discuss the “terms” with them and tell them the extent to which you are willing to help them.
Then, of course, you could get a flat on your own. The price would depend upon where you’re looking though. For example, if you’re studying in New York and are looking for a flat in Manhattan, flats here are more expensive as compared to flats in Brooklyn.