Current students’ experience – Testimonies

[h2]Current students’ experience – Testimonies[/h2]

There are many reasons due to which American universities are well-reputed but one of the most important factors is what the students have to say about these universities. No one can assess how good or bad any university is without the impact that they have on their students. American colleges are known to groom international and home students in the best possible ways.
One student doing his majors in political science from the American University says-“American University gives you so many opportunities! The professor are great and you can’t beat being in DC. Overall American University is an up and coming school and the rankings are getting better and better. COME TO AU!”
Another student studying Linguistics in Brown University says- “Brown is an amazing place. I have been so happy here (and when i haven’t been for whatever personal reason, Psych Services is really great and generally quite helpful). If I could make every university more like Brown, I would”.
These reviews show that the university life in American universities is amazing because of what all they have to offer- splendid faculty members, helpful services for those of you who may not be happy for personal reasons.
A Georgetown University student said this about her experience- “Luckily, I was able to visit Georgetown and there was “that moment” when I decided that this was the place for me. When I got here I was not disappointed. The people here are AMAZING! Professors here casually talk about their relationships with presidents, CEOs, and founders of organizations. Students here are students who are ambitious and determined, but also normal”.
This shows that though students are driven and have to experience quite a lot academically, emotionally and physically, this does not mean that they sit behind shut doors where they study for hours- they know how to balance their lives out. Though students are required to study, teachers try their level best to provide them with the kind of environment that they need to “make it” in the real world by telling students about their own experiences with people they know.
A student at Yale said-“ Social life is way more fun than to be expected at a school that is this known for academics” which shows that universities in the US are not all about hard work and “no play” because there’s so much else one can do.