Graduate jobs applications and interview process tips

[h2]Graduate jobs applications and interview process tips[/h2]

If you are a graduate remember two things- getting “more” education won’t really help and secondly, wherever you apply, you should get paid. Unpaid internships and jobs are illegal so do make sure to ask any company about the pay and salary.
When it comes to applying for a job, you must prepare everything in advance- your results, resume and anything that is relevant as far as the job is concerned- so that you could send these in to different companies.
Students interested in the banking sector can apply to Standard Chartered for a job. Send in duplicates of your results and you resume. Remember to include all of your relevant capabilities on the first page of your resume- hirers do not have the time to go through the entire resume so what they do is that they read through the first page to see if you have anything that interests them or could be of use to the organization.
When it comes to the interview process, try to give unique answers. Everyone usually gives the typical answer about how amazing they heard the company is and this doesn’t impress the interviewer. The interviewer wants to know something more than what they are already hearing from every other interviewee. Your interviewer will also ask you if you have anything to ask them. Be sure to tell them anything that you may have missed out in your resume. Be confident and honest.
One mistake that many graduates make is that they apply only to the big companies. Give the small guys a chance too. The thing about large companies like Apple, Standard Chartered and such companies is that the competition is fierce and so, chances of getting employed are less for anyone applying- smaller companies are new in the market and they would be willing to pay you higher sums of money to keep you from leaving. Do give these guys a chance- you would also have more control over your own work as opposed to the bigger companies where you might have to share the authority with someone else.
Another point to remember is that if you have applied to any company for an internship before, you may just get hired once you’ve graduated too. Some companies have a policy of hiring interns once they have graduated from college and give preference to familiar faces.